How to go through a lesson

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I am curious as to how you go about going through a given lesson. What I do, is first translate the blue words I see and then read the page while listening to the audio. I would love to hear about your methods!

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Although I’m new to Lingq, I’ve carried over my previous habits. I just look up the words as I go through the lesson (currently doing the ministories in Chinese, in the first 21 stories, there’s an average of 8-9 new words per story, so a fairly high level of comprehension). After going through it once and looking up words and getting an understanding of the story, I’ll listen/read through it 2 more times (or 3 more times, Who is She is quite a bit more difficult than the ministories, so I listen to a new lesson 4 times)

I do a 3 day exposure sliding window. I do a new lesson each day along with going through the previous 2 days lessons, eg, I’ll do lessons 20,21,22 today, then 21,22,23 tomorrow etc. Generally I listen to each lesson 3 times each day. This gives me 3 separate exposures to new words over the course of 3 days and allows them to make a deeper impression. Learning vocab is like pushing into a cushion, one little push and the impression fades immediately, but a couple more pushes leaves a more lasting impression that’s slower to fade and hopefully will still have a bit left by the time you come across the word again.

It’s not perfect, but I started this with Spanish by reading an article in the morning and looking up the 5 or 6 words I didn’t know, verify a few conjugations etc. Then read it again that evening which takes less time than in the morning and I’ll remember most of what I looked up. I’ll read it a 3rd time the next morning (reads even quicker) along with a new article, and that did seem fairly effective. That’s just my impression, I have no quantitative metrics to support this.


That makes a lot of sense. Thanks a lot for the elaborate comment.

Come up with a system of repetition and novelty that works for you and be adaptable as your level changes and the content you’re interested in changes.

Steve on repetition and novelty

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