How to get that "stuff" pn the right of the lesson page back

When I open the lesson page, I immediately click the “x” to get rid of the stuff on the right that is crowding the text. However it took a long time for me to figure out how to get that “stuff” back when I wanted to read the translation. (You have to click “standard view” even though it is darkened so it looks like you are already on “standard view”). Suggestion, make the stuff on the right minimize rather than disappear when you click “x”.

A little suggestion to the developers: make an option in the settings to get rid of this by default. I close it, ever single time I open a lesson. It’s getting somewhat annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, I support what Dooo said.

As you have figured out already, the resources box returns if you refresh the page (clicking on Standard View again is essentially the same action).
However, you can minimize the box instead by clicking on the open “shelf” in the resources box. For example, if “Tasks and Forum” is selected, then just click it again and the box will be minimized.
A quicker workaround (for those who are looking to get rid of the box as quickly as possible) is to pressing the spacebar as soon as the page loads.

I should also note that currently, if the resource box is minimized the lesson image will not display, so closing the box allows you to see this image.

Yeah, it’s still there minimised though, which mucks up formatting of the lesson. I’m not too worried though Alex, it’s not a major annoyance. Other things are more important. :slight_smile:

Minimizing by clicking empty space is non-intuitive. Maybe have a “-” for each “shelf” and have a minimised version of the whole “bookcase” as the default, standard view.

Since the “x” gets rid of the whole “bookcase” there should be only one and it should be in a border surrounding the whole “bookcase”

We know this is an issue and we will be addressing it in our next major update of the lesson page. No promises as to when this will be but we have heard the feedback and have other improvements in mind.