How to get rid of upgrade prompt?

Despite deleting all of my lingqs I still get the upgrade prompt anytime I enter a new text. I’ve used Lingq for months without issue just dealing in blue words and known words but now That I started lingqing (after hitting the 20 something lingq limit) It’s stopped me from using the site.

Is there some way that I can go back to the way it was before or will I have to create a new account to continue using Lingq’s library?

Thank you

LingQing is the way to learn with this system. Deleting lingQ’s will get you nowhere. LingQ’s are not meant to be deleted on a regular basis.

BTW, free users can only create 20 lingQ’s. It’s a hard limit.

The power of of the LingQ is unleashed to those who subscribe; Unlimited LingQ’s, unlimited importing, discounted points, etc.

Good luck