How to get my imported lessons

Today I tried to import a lesson, and I got a message saying that I exceeded the limit, although I have never ever imported a lesson before. So will you please tell me how to search for my imported lessons which I don’t have any idea about them.


Free accounts can import maximum 5 private lessons. At the moment, you have 7 private lessons on your account.
You can find all your imports under the Continue Studying tab. Click on View All, select lessons view and sort by newly imported to find them easier.

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Thanks a lot for replying me, but all these lessons were not imported by me, they are lessons that already exist in Lingq
I clicked on Continue Studying tab
then View all
then I chose last imported and I didn’t get any result at all , I got this message
There are no results for this search term and filters.

Will you please check with the programmers this matter, because it seems that you count the lessons in continue studying as imported lessons

I have never ever imported any lesson, even when I had premium membership last year

I am looking for your reply please

Sorry but your account does show 7 private lessons. It’s not a mistake. You were Premium user back in 2020 and you definitely did some importing. Please check import for all your active study languages and delete imports or reset languages completely on the Languages settings page if that’s easier for you.

what do you mean by saying sorry, what’s your aim? embarrassing me??!!, anyhow I deleted all the learned languages, and guess what?
till now the same message occurs for me when I try to import a lesson, that I exceeded the limit, so will you please check this matter with an expert, and then reply me please
and again I am telling you I have never ever imported any lesson to lingq, that’s why I am trying to do so now, to see if its better to upgrade my membership again or not
I am looking for your reply please