How to get listening credit for self uploaded content?

I’ve been uploading transcripts of the No Hay Tos Podcast for reading in LingQ. I also give a link to the mp3 on google podcasts so I can listen through the lesson while I read the scriptscript and create my lings etc. The issue is that I’m not getting listening credit for this. When I listen to other content already on in the LingQ platform, it remembers how many minutes of content I’ve been listening to… but when I link to these mp3 files and listen along, I don’t get any credit for the time spent listening through lingQ. I might as well just play the podcasts outside of lingQ rather than take the time to put the mp3 file into the lesson. Is there a way to fix this? Is it because I’m not adding time stamps? If so, I’m not sure how to do that…

That sounds like a bug. I asked our team to check this. Can you please send a link to one of lessons to support(at)

This is done. Thank you. Just to clarify, the link is to a lesson in my non-public library. That’s another thought I had is that maybe it’s just for non-public mp3s that don’t give me credit… but maybe it’s something else like the source of the mp3. In this case all of my mp3 files are being linked from the same source… it might work without bugs if I downloaded the mp3 to my desktop and loaded the actual mp3 to lingq… just a thought.

Wow they fixed it… and pretty quickly too.

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