How to get INTERMEDIATE MINI-STORIES: take action!

Dear LingQ community,

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to see the continuation of the mini-stories courses here on LingQ.
I guess it’s not a small task to do.
I was wondering how this could be done and here is my idea:

  1. We as a LingQ community do our own mini-stories, that are a bit more lengthy than they were in the previous mini-stories course. Let’s say around 10 minutes when you read the text. They should function as an intermediate level study; a little story without repeating the story from other points of view and the questions and answers at the end, therefore - more study material.

  2. Anyone that participates should write his/hers story in English and the translation in his/hers native language and record the one in the native language. (If your native language is English I guess you have less work then)

  3. This could be manageable if the participants do just one story per week, and the chosen story can then be translated and recorded by other users (just one per week) and in some time we have another 60 intermediate level mini-stories!

  4. We do this work for free, because we all want new intermediate mini-stories course. We give, and we get back for our target languages!

  5. Like this post and comment if you’re willing to participate so the administrators and Steve can notice it and organise this, I think Steve would love this idea, we just need to do some work.

Let’s be creative, give to the community and learn more!


I have made a similar thread for MS in the past that unfortunatly didnt lead to anything.

If you want to get in contact with lingq admin I would suggest contacting them through email.

Best of luck

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Thank you, I hope it works, but firstly, I hope that people express a wish for doing this.

Originally there were supposed to be 100 stories in total; not sure if the remaining 40 were ever actually created or not.

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