How to find translation for an article on LingQ?

For example, after I look up all the words in a sentence and try to make sense of what it says but somehow I can’t understand ((like you know all the word and grammar but somehow it’s still hard to put everything together cause of the complex of sentence or so).

Wouldn’t it be better if there exists some kind of full sentence translation in articles so I can double check my understanding . I’m pretty new to LingQ but I’ve tried to find translations for some sentence on Guided course articles but haven’t found them yet (maybe I don’t know where to find them? )

Another question is that in future if I encounter hard sentences with no translation, what should I do? Should I just skip them or should I ask other pp but I feel it’s kind of time consuming when I have many difficult sentences and I feel it decreases my enjoyment when I read)

You have a few options for this:

  1. Use the LingQ “Sentence View” mode when reading a lesson and click the “Translate Sentence” button. This will provide a Google translated version (I think) but the translation of words within context will be way better and the sentence translator does a surprisingly good job most of the time – though it’s not a 100% it’s still better than the word by word translation.

  2. Do comparative reading of books instead of articles. News articles usually don’t get properly translated, books on the other hand do. So if you can buy the same book in both your native and your target language you can work through them sentence by sentence and build up your comprehension that way.

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Hi, thanks for your help!

This option needs subscription as far as I know. Anyway enabling google translate on sentences requires… subscription?

I don’t know if this is a subscription only feature or not. I’m on a subscription myself, so if it doesn’t show up on the free version, then it might be the case.

You could copy and paste the sentence into Google translate. A bit cumbersome, but better than word by word translation.

I’ve translated some of my German lessons into English. In former versions of LingQ I could select lessons with translations. But I cannot find this feature anymore. When did it get lost?