How to Find Resources to Choose Lessons in French and Spanish


I’m fairly new to LingQ. I do not understand how to efficiently go out beyond the Library and find lessons that interest me. I understand how to technically upload the lessons. But I do not know a good way to go out and find them. I’m learning French and Spanish.

Also, I assume that only the lessons in the Library will have accompanying listening features? Or are there websites where I can find that as well?


Here are some of my favourite resources for finding material to import into LingQ.



Gracias Chris. El sítio albalearning es muy interesant. Hay libros y cuentos de actualidad, igual que clásicos.

Ahora mismo estoy leyendo Ojos de Perro Azul, un cuento de Gabriel Gacía Márquez, lo que he importado en LingQ.

Another source I have found is various blogs. Many are not particularly interesting, but I have found some really good ones also.

It seems to be much more difficult to find Spanish audio with text compared with French, Alba learning was a real find for me, it’s wonderful. My only complaint (it’s such a small one, really tiny) is that I find she reads a little slow, with long pauses between sentences and paragraphs. It’s great for dramatic effect, but when re-listening it can be a little frustrating. I studied her 22 minute recording of Casa Tomada by Julio Cortázar many times, but later came across a recording of the story by Cortázar himself which clocked in at about 11 minutes. Of course I found his reading to be too fast, can’t win!

rae68, es lo mismo para yo, leí Ojos de Perro Azul en LingQ y era muy bueno.

In this blog: you’ll find all the lessons IDEL has created for LingQ.
They are sorted by level and you have the link to the collection at LingQ, so it’s very easy to nagivate through.

IDEL lessons are short lessons basically focused to beginner and intermediate students, but in the Advanced tab you’ll also find interesting lessons, with natural real and informal Spanish at a normal speech.

In my profile you’ll also find links to lessons I created some time ago. My lessons are more focused to Intermediate to Advanced learners and they are, in general, quite longer. Just take a look if you’re interested!

Try nearly 100 lessons from FrenchPod: … with lots of fun!

And if you like to start Russian from scratch, try “Russian for Everybody” … (22 lessons, lesson #0 teaches the Russian alphabet).


Here are more sites. For some of the listed audio, you have to find the related texts separately. As always with the evanescent Internet, search these sites soon because tomorrow some of them may well be gone. In fact, some items in this list might already be gone.

French and Spanish:
There is a smattering of French and Spanish readings at Gutenberg:

French only:

These podcasts look interesting:

As do these:

Stories, poems and songs here:
Some of the links are already dead.

Mostly fiction, some nonfiction here:

Spanish only:

A dozen or so writings here:

Dozens of authors, Spanish and otherwise, here, but the links are not always reliable:
Note that you might have trouble finding the text of Spanish translations of writings from other languages.


Here is an aggregator of sites that offer readings in Spanish:

More Spanish here:

Another aggregator of readings in Spanish called María Lextrix:

Podcasts with transcripts: Episodios | Español Podcast Spanishpodcast |