How to find LingQ audio files on your iPod

I have just transferred some audio files I had downloaded from to my iPod touch. However, I realize that most of them have authors and album names that I don’t know, so I cannot easily find them. What do you do to find your LingQ audio files easily among your other iPod files?
I have only renamed the SwedishLingQ files (from Greetings and Goodbyes and Who is She?), but not the files in other languages. Any suggestions?
I hope my question is clear. :slight_smile:

That’s the one thing i HATE about apple. ITUNES is a pain in the rear i just spent an hour and a half trying to get a folder from a usb stick to my computer and then create a playlist on my iphone. Why couldn’t they just use folders? Sorry to hijack your thread with a rant!

Michele ,

After I download the audio to my computer, I double click on the audio file and it starts playing in iTunes. I then go to the “Music” section under “Library” . WhIle the file it playing it shows the progress of the playing and the name on the top center of the iTunes page. On the right side of that page there is a “Search” function. Start typing in the name of the file that is playing–as it show at the top of the Page-and it will find the file for you. You can then select the file and drag it to the “Playlist” you want it in. You can also just select it and copy, and then paste in the “Playlist” of your choise.

Hope this helps.


I have no iPod but I can imagine what the problem is. The problem is that there are a lot of people who create the mp3 files who don’t take care for the names and the tags of these files. Maybe that is the reason why it is difficult to find them in your iTunes and iPods. There is not a lot that LingQ can do.

That is one of the reason why I’ve not iPod. I decided to buy an mp3 player who is able to deal with folders as well as tags. And there is no need for iTunes and converting mp3 files.

My suggestion:
Download the files to your computer.
Use a program to overwork tags and names of the file (for example mp3tags or can iTunes do this? I never use iTunes).
Add them to your iPod with iTunes.

I know these are a lot of steps to do. Thanks apple. (Sorry, I’m cynical).

Thanks for all your suggestions, including the anti-Apple ones (I’m not a fan of Apple, anyway: I only use iPod and iTunes).
Vera, it is already possible to edit the Author and Title fields on iTunes, but thanks for telling me about the other programme: I’ll try it.

@ohenderstest: I have started creating playlists as you suggested.

I"ve had the exact same problem, Michelle! it’s very frustrating because it’s so time consuming. now i will try Gary’s suggestion and see if that’s a bit quicker.