How to extract chinese characters from a text?

How to extract Chinese characters from a text?

I explain myself: I want to upload on Ling a text in Chinese, unfortunately, the text is filled with English translations or pinyin.
I searched for a bit on Internet to find out some option, but I couldn’t find something convenient.

Any advices?

Here is an example:

11 Nà jīntiān wǒ jiù zhuānmén gěi dàjiā qǐng lái le 那今天我就专门给大家请来了 So today, we invited 12 yī wèi zhèngzōng de dōngběi gēmenr, 一位正宗的东北哥们儿, an authentic northeast dude specially for you 13 érqiě tā jiāng chéngwéi wǒmen jiémù zhōng de chángkè. 而且他将成为我们节目中的常客。 and he will become

  1. Download Notepad++
  2. paste your text into Notepad++
  3. search&replace (CRTL+H): search “[ -~]+” and replace with nothing
  4. if there are non-Chinese symbols left, search&replace (CRTL+H) again. Search for “[ -~]+” and replace with nothing.

It tried it on your example and it does the job.


Thanks for your answers and your help, it works!
谢谢大家! :slight_smile: