How to exclude words from the known words total

I’m an English native speaker learning Russian. So, when “The Linguist Institute” appears written in English in the text of a Russian piece I’m working on I don’t want these three words to be added to my Lingqs or to my know words total. I just want them to be ignored completely. Quite possibly French or German or any other language might appear in the middle of the Russian text, depending on the context.

I had a similar problem recently when I uploaded some text from an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scan of a document. The OCR was typically not perfect and some little marks on the source document had been converted into spurious characters. I didn’t want the spurious characters to be added to my Lingqs or known word count - I just wanted to ignore them.

So, how can I tell the system to ignore a word completely?


Hi Peter,

There is currently no option to ignore certain words. However, we stress that you not worry too much about the number. It is not to be a 100% accurate scientific representation of your knowledge of the language, but rather an overall guideline, so having a few words here and there will not greatly affect your overall statistics.

@rambles2003 - By the way, we do recognize that some members do want their stats to be as accurate as possible and we will shortly be coming out with a way for you to “ignore” words in your statistics.

Woo hoo!

Thanks to all for the speedy replies. I’m glad to be subscribing to a system that is under active development.



Yes, it’s fun to be part of this “living” site.

(On a related note, see Blindside70’s post on The New Lesson Page.)


On your problem with characters that you don’t want counted in text that you have imported, you can always use the edit function to get rid of them before you use the lesson.

@aybee, Jingle, rambles2003 - Just in case you missed it yesterday, we have added an Ignore button on the blue LingQ popup now. It’s the red “do not enter” sign beside the Known button. This will remove that term from all word calculations.

Hi Mark,

Thanks very much indeed for the Ignore button.

I’ve just been though a piece I was doing about various makes of car and used the Ignore button on all manufacturer and model names, such as “Ford” and “Skoda”. I also used it on the author’s name and the Internet address of the source. None of these words have any place in vocabulary lists. The ignore button is exactly what is needed.