How to emport text into ClaroSpeak on an Ipad, from websites

Help! Help! Does anyone know how to import text into ClaroSpeak? I cannot highlight text on websites, nor can I see any way of entering text into ClaroSpeak, except by typing it in on the Ipad.

First you need to copy the text. For LingQ lessons, I do this from the QuickLingQ view. The QuickLingQ view lets you select the text without activating the LingQ editor. Once the text is highlighted and copied, switched to Clarospeak and paste the text in.

Switching between two applications is much faster on the iPad if you enable and use multitasking gestures.

Also you can enable VoiceOver, if you haven’t already. The voice of voiceover is in the language of the system. The voice quality is more robotic than ClaroSpeak, but works without swapping between applications.