How to edit?

First, please accept my apologies if I have overlooked something very simple.

I was going through some user submitted materials today for a break from the more serious stuff. I found a lesson relating a song from Swedish artist Veronica Maggio.

I thought I would edit the course to add the entire translation of the song because the line-by-line translations can be a bit stilted when not seen in totality.

I click to the “translations” section from the … and can’t find anywhere to edit to past that in. I had some other info from music video to a link to the person that translated it I thought I would add in the notes or other boxes.

Am I unable to edit it because I haven’t been here long enough? Or maybe the lesson is old?

It’s not a big deal, I’m just trying to understand how things work. So any help here would be appreciated.


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I’m afraid you are only allowed to edit the text of a lesson you have not uploaded yourself. Not the picture, sound file, or translation.

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@Diotallevi is correct. You can only edit the text of a lesson for content imported by other users.


Thanks! That’s understandable, even though I would like to be able to add more to a lesson to make it more complete for everyone. I may just add similar content into a larger set of lessons and include content there.

Thanks for this post!

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