How to download the lessons to MP3 player?

Please explain what is this ‘premium functionality’ ?

I have just joined today. How do I download the lessons onto my MP3 player ? I do not see any icon for this …
Also when I clicked on the first lesson, I could hear it , but there was no visual aid, as in: there were no sentences on the screen before me.
Is there some other way of doing this that I have missed?

Premium functionality is just the list of features that are available only to paying members. As per another thread, you can see a short list here: Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade on LingQ:

To download lessons to your computer, simply open up a lesson and click the green download button at the top. Once they are downloaded, you can then move them to your mp3 player and listen on the go.

It’s strange to hear that there was no text in the lesson. Looking at your profile it seems you’ve been able to save some words and mark some words as Known, so perhaps you’ve already figured this one out. If you do run into more problems with this, let us know!