How to disable LingQ's text to speech voices and use Android system's voices

I don’t like the voices of the app’s TTS service. I want to use my Samsung device’s voices to read sentences. Is there a way to disable these voices offered by the app and use my device’s voices as default. Please help me. Thank you many times.

LingQ app will use TTS system that is set as default on your device. So whatever TTS you have set as default under you device settings, LingQ app will use it.

That’s not what happened to me. There are internal voices on the app like Shelly and Sally (for American) on the TTS setting section of the app. LingQ for Android didn’t use my device’s default voice but use these voices, Shelly and Sally, which one I set on the app. Could you please check and fix it? I’m using Samsung A12 phone.

I checked this further with our Android developers, and we do actually use the server TTS, similar to the other apps. The app will only use the local TTS if connection is bad. At the moment, we don’t have in plans to make any changes.

I have created a request for an option on the setting menu of the app to let users disable the use of the server TTS. Could you please consider them in your plan because beside the convenience for user’s choices, it will lower the load put on the server service? And I think the use of a local resource compare to a server resource will cut short the time delay users must wait for the procedure’s response when we use the app. I’m waiting for them.

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