How to delete unwanted lingq?

Hi, I’m new in the website so i might doing something wrong, but for some reason its seems that its automatically adding a new lingq even if i didnt press the words. can someone tell why is that and how can i cancel new lingq added?
thanks in advance

I assume you are in the Web version and not the App.You can control the behaviour of the Lesson page in Settings…see the gear symbol in the upper right hand corner. If you are set to Auto LingQ Creation the following happens. If you move to a word, either with the right arrow key or the cursor, that word will automatically be LingQed when you leave it, whether you click on the meaning, or hit Enter or not. You can change this by unticking Auto LingQ Creation in Settings.
If you create a LingQ that you don’t want you can do one of the following. Use the keyboard, hit "K’ to mark it as known. Or you can use your cursor in the LingQ box and change the status to 4 (known but will be reviewed in 30 days and will be underlined) or click on the tick mark which makes it known, with no underline, and it will not be reviewed in 30 days in your SRS feed.
If you are in the App, please let me know.It is somewhat similar but I am not in it right now.

I paid $ 55 for six months, but to be honest, it’s completely unintuitive. Why we do not have access to the list of known words and the possibility of its simple editing if someone mislead us automatically adding the words without our consent?

I don’t really know why there is no access to the list of known words. I don’t see why the list would be so interesting, given that learners should probably concentrate mostly on words they do not know. As for editing this list, you can always make a known word into a LingQ (yellow word) any time. This is useful if you accidentally set a word to known at some point. Nobody is going to add known words to your account without your consent.

ooh, so do you think that the review lesson and automatically add words to the “known” is intuitive? let’s be honest, it’s silly, I consciously have to decide what I think I know. if the program without warning believes that I know some words, it destroys my list of known words and did not even give me access to repair it, little thing, which makes that someone wants to pay for it next

When you open a lesson, you can disable “Paging moves to known” option if you click on the settings button on the top right.

yes I know now, but I do not understand why it is set to automatic, just it goes against logic, this wasted my time adding words on the phone, aside from that what I wrote about the word list, I also see the reviews, it’s not just my opinion, easily destroy a list of words, which of course no one can improve in a simple way

First time when you moved to next page you had popup message saying that all blue words will be moved to known. And it’s not actually wasting time if you needed to check all words from that page after they automatically moved to known, because even if they stayed blue, you still need to check each word and make it known or create LingQ.

maybe you’re right, but I still do not understand why there is no access to known words, if you make a mistake, it does not make sense

If you make a mistake, you can correct it by saving the words as yellow words next time you see them in a text, or by just going to the page where you made the mistake and correcting it. All you have to do is click on a known word and it will highlight it.

I think a list of known words might be a nice feature, especially if they could be sorted by the date that they were set to known. However, I am not sure this would be used by many learners since people tend to want to concentrate on learning unknown words instead of reviewing known words.

All fun and the basis for which I paid for this program for me is automatically highlight the text words that I do not know or do not have on my list. Options that can cause problems can not be set as automatic, especially if they do not provide the option for self-repair of the list and its edition! “Look for the words you do not know or restart the database”? Sorry, this is SERIOUS developer error, which in addition does not allow editing the list.

This is good advice. Do not wait until people start to leave, when someone overtake your mistakes.

I agree that the option for automatically setting words to known when changing pages should not be turned on by default, but you can self-repair the list of known words. You just click on the known word in any text and it is highlighted again.

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Pay for what you still need to do yourself ?
We probably do not understand each other. I respect my time and money.

The first time you can earn, because people are curious.
But there is no second time, once you sell the faulty item.

Lets be honest.
This program is faulty.

ps. besides, even the forum is not displayed correctly on different mobile devices,not only my opinion

ps.2 After I restart entire database language, my count “Review LingQs” it is still not restarted even though it is empty.