How to delete lingQs?

Hello every one
Now there are some words that I have lingqed but now I know them and don’t need them to be lingqed any more
so how can I delete them from lingqs?

Thanks in advance

While you can delete them on the vocabulary page, most people prefer to see their vocab growing, it is a measure of your progress. You are bound to forget words over time even if you now think you’ve got them forever in your brain…

OK… so what is the difference between "deleting " a LingQ and changing the status of a LingQ to #4 - making it a “learned LingQ”? Do “learned LingQs” still contribute to your total of “active LingQs” now that they will now longer appear highlighted in yellow in the lessons?


Deleted LingQs are removed from your account and total LingQs. Status 4 LingQs are simply Learned and are added to your Known Words total. They remain in your LingQs total and are used when comparing new texts with your Known Words. Also, all status 4 words are still in the system and in fact have a grey dotted underline and if you hover on them, they behave just like yellow words. This is because often you don’t remember all status 4 words.

Is there any way to delete more than one LingQ at a time?

Yes, you just pay $10/mo and you will get this feature and many others…