How to delete lessons opened while browsing. Stop timeline reminders

I have been wanting to be a premium member for months but do not have much time. When I first joined my language understanding increased immensely. The more lesson I opened the more I realized I had to"dig" through to find the lesson I wanted to practice. Time is valuable to me and I do not have time to rummage through multiple lessons to find the one I need. Russian course “first steps” is great! However, all I see is ПЕРВЫЕ ШАГИ (FIRST STEPS), ПЕРВЫЕ ШАГИ and many other courses I open the lessons are out of order. Is anyone else having this problem? How do I fix this? This is the #1 reason I have not joined premium. Please help. Also I want to stop the timeline reminders, I uncheck the boxes but the next time I visit the site I must uncheck them again. Is there a way to uncheck the boxes in the timeline indefinitely? Thanks in advance.

@edrunner - If you choose the sort " no sort" when looking at any course, this should show the lessons in order. The tick boxes on the Learn page do not control your notification settings. Which emails are you receiving that you do not want to receive?

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@Mark - Ah, thanks for the handy hint! I used to have to open my last lesson, scroll down to ‘open next lesson in course’ to avoid the problem of multiple out of order lessons. Never occurred to me to simply choose Sort: ‘None’!!

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We should probably have a more clear name for this sort. We are just not sure what that would be. Any suggestions?


  • Given order
  • Natural order
  • Preset order
  • Lesson number

Um…Sort: Numerical order?

I am not receiving any emails that are not wanted. I am referencing the timeline that tells me 25 lingqs, 25 lingqs, new avatar artifact etc…— I have tried sort none and I think it worked I see lessons 1-10 are in numerical order, however lesson 61 is listed at the top of the list. For the most part it worked, not everything is perfect all the time. I believe I also just solved the timeline issue as well. I unchecked the blocks on the “learn” page and then one by one clicked the x. I logged out and back in and the list is cleared! thank you for your help.

@edrunner - By default, if you have all of the boxes unticked on the Timeline then it will show everything. Instead, if you don’t want to see anything on the Timeline I recommend unticking all but Conversation Notifications or Exchange Notifications, as these are likely the least common.