How to create a phrase lingq on android devices

Hello, is this possible? I seem to only be able to create single word lingq’s on my android devices via both the android app and the website directly.

Unfortunately this is not possible from a mobile device at this time. To save custom phrases from your lessons you will need to use a computer.

By the way, our upcoming version of the Android app will include a feature called “Related Phrases”, so that if other LingQ members have saved phrases from lessons you are studying then you will be able to see these in the blue popup that appears when you tap on a blue word.

Nice one. You could also allow us to search the library for lessons. If I’m not mistaken, currently we can only use lessons from courses that we have already opened previously with a computer.

You can tap the “+” button at the top in the app to add a new course through the app. The new version will also have a much more prominent “+ New Course” button :slight_smile:

Thanks, not a big deal as I can just make phrase lingq’s with my laptop. It’s nice that my phrase links are available in the current Android version. Looking forward to the updated app

Ah, thanks, I didn’t know that.