How to create a new course and add a already imported lesson

Hi all,
Im trying to change a song from being private to shared. The error message I get is that because the song is in my Quick Imports list (which is defaulted to private) that I need to add the song to another course to make it shared.
How to I create a new course so I can add this already imported song to it? I’ve searched everywhere to try and find the steps to do this.

Thank you so much in advance!

On the Edit Lesson page, at the top right click on the “+ Course” button. There you will be able to create a new course and save a lesson to it.

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Thanks Zoran!

Just for anyone else, I found the location to be at the top right corner in the edit lesson page (just as Zoran had mentioned above) next to “Quick Imports” list (in grey). Click, “Change Course” and the dialog box that opens up has a button at the bottom which says “Create New Course”. Name the course etc and save.
Once you have created a new course, go back into edit lesson and find the same 3 dots at the top right (in grey) Quick Imports menu and select “Change Course” again to then select the new course name listed that you created.