How to create a lingQ

Hi! I´ve been out for a while and I do not remember how to create new lingQs. I cannot find the instructions either.
In fact, I think I´ve never leaned how to do that well.
Can you help me? Thanks

@Sollane - Sure thing! To create a LingQ, just open up a lesson, click on a blue word, then select one of the hints on the right or click on “Search Dictionary”.

You can learn more about using the lesson page and all the pages on LingQ by taking a look at our Getting Started video series found here: null - YouTube

A further question on this topic. I remember that in the past when I LingQed a new word, the cursor would jump to the next blue word so that I could LingQ that word without clicking through the yellow words in between. Is this still possible?

Hi Ginkgo58,
That is still possible if you select “QuickLingQ Mode” under the Settings button on the lesson page. Hope this helps!

Thanks Zoran. I can do that now. I was trying earlier but this method wasn’t working. Another case of slow Ethiopian internet syndrome, I expect.