How to clean up the "My lessons / courses" section

I have been using LingQ intensely for my Russian, and my “my lessons” section got a bit messy. I decided to get rid of some of the beginner1 material, but when I click on the bookmark/trashcan icon I receive the message that all my status will be lost. I got a little scared, what does this mean? Do I lose the lingQs I created within this text from my vocabulary section, and the known words (will this downgrade my knowledge level)?

Hi Safran,
You won’t lose your LingQs and Known words if you remove a lesson from My Lessons list.
For now it’s not possible to delete entire course at once from My Courses, but once when you remove all lessons from the same course on My Lessons tab, the course will also disappear from My Courses page.
Hope this helps! Be sure to let me know if you have any additional question about this.