How to choose the correct level for a lesson

as I wrote in my previous thread, I have finished sharing the lessons from the Italian novel “Cuore”.
I set their level as “Advanced 1” because of some ancient words and forms, but Steve said he would have chosen an intermediate level.
I’d like to ask more experienced content how they determine the level of the lessons they upload. What do you take into account? Where does each level end?
Thanks for your suggestions,

Most natives speak at intermediate 2 most of the time. You speak at advanced 1 when you are in year 2 and above of university, when you are using a lot of technical terms and discussing very complicated concepts (using long sentences with long words).

Advanced 2 would be masters degree and above and is usually only encountered in academic journals and the like.

Advanced 3 (not defined in CERFL but defined in the Russian equivalent) is Doctor of Linguistics level language.

Thanks for these explanations, Helen, but how should I use them to choose the level of my lessons? I guess I should downgrade all of them to Intermediate 2.

Hi Michele, use the calculated level. If the lesson contains a lot of names or number or if it is spoken slow and clear than it is one level easier. This is the way I calculate the level of a lesson.

Danke, Vera.