How to change dictionary to a language not offered?

Hey all!

I’m really new, so this might be a painfully obvious question, but here goes!

Is there anyway of me selecting a language I don’t want to learn, e.g Portuguese, and then changing the dictionary setting to Kazakh, so then I can import Kazakh materials and use the dictionary function?

I had a look, and I can’t see how to change the dictionary setting to a different language, but I remember Steve mentioned that he did it for Ukrainian before it was introduced at LingQ?

Many thanks!

Hi Romnik,
You don’t actually have to change dictionary settings at all. If your dictionary language is set to English, just leave it that way and after you import a Kazakh materials, you will get English translation when you click on a word. Of course you will have to use a dictionary that support Kazakh-English translation in another window/tab.

Hi, thanks for the reply!

When I click on a Kazakh word, it says “No hint available” and offers a pop-up from google translate. But then even when I click on that (which I would prefer not to, since it is a pop-up lol), I have to then change the dictionary from Portuguese to Kazakh (and it defaults back to Portuguese after every word).

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way of doing this?

No, your’re not doing something wrong. There is no other way. Like zoran wrote, open a dictionary in another tab and ignore the pop-up. Write or copy/paste the word or phrase in the open dictionary and write or copy/paste the translation to Lingq. That’s the way I do with Welsh, misusing the Esperanto course.

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Oh OK, thats brilliant, cheers for the response guys! :slight_smile: