How to cancel my membership?

Please cancel my account. I cannot find the cancel button (seemingly along with every other user wishing to cancel) I’m on a monthly plan and wish for it to end immediately.

@shimshongansburg Your account is scheduled to drop to Free level after your current paid month expires.

Please cancel my membership too and I want to be refunded for what I didn’t use.
(it’s interesting that there’s still (2023) no proper way to do this through settings, and it seems that it needs to be done manually.)

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@asem1410 I refunded your latest payment and expired subscription.

Hi @zoran. I tried to cancel but it says “undefined” when clicking. Please cancel the subscription.

@MambaBlanco Your subscription has now expired.

Hi Zoran,

I’m looking on the accounts/subscription page, and I see no way to downgrade to a free account. I don’t really want to downgrade at present, but I think it’s important for users to be able to do so without contacting tech support. I view it as bad business practices when businesses don’t allow users to quickly and easily unsubscribe.

Could you tell me how “I” can unsubscribe without you doing it for me?


@Pr0metheus Sure, the option to cancel is under Settings > Account > Change Plan button. The button under your currently active plan is the one where you can cancel your subscription.

Zoran, could you please cancel my subscription as well?

@adriananovac Sure, I took care of it.

Hello, I am just wondering that if I need to cancel my membership because of my college issues and I want to back two months after the cancelation, will the LingQs and statistic still remain when I am back?

@mauricelin We save your data for 1 month. If you want to downgrade for longer period, you can activate the Vacation plan ($2/month) and keep data saved.

@zoran can you please cancel my subscription?

@leonardobambini Sure, I took care of it.