How to cancel my membership?

I have just purchased an annual membership with a promo code. Could you cancel the membership and refund the money?

I used a promo code and unfortunately misunderstood something. I thought it was 12 months + 4 months free for the price of the normal annual membership, but it’s actually 12 months for the price of 8 normal months.

Unfortunately, my emails to are never answered, so I’m writing here.

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Hi, pleae make sure that my membership is cancelled. I should not be subject to vitriol, misogyny and harassment.

I tried to switch to your $2 ‘park’ membership but this does not work. You’ve sent me email claiming that you have ensured that I’m not charged and that is not the case.

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@zoran could you please cancel my membership. Thanks.

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@eduardoaceves I took care of it for you.

@plavooka Your membership is canceled, as I already replied to you via email. Your account will switch to the Free plan on November 28th.

@sl4442 I refunded your payment and expired subscription.

@Douglas.q Sure, it’s taken care of now.

@zoran Please cancel mine… I don’t have the cancel button.

@Starith Sure, I took care of it for you.

Today I received notification that my 12-month premium subscription had renewed automatically. I didn’t receive any prior notification that it was about to renew, and had forgotten that I had a premium subscription.

Please can you cancel the subscription and refund me?


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I have the same issue. I would really appreciate some help because my whole user experience with LingQ has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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@Sarnia No problem, I refunded your payment and expired subscription.

@unicorn I took care of it for you and canceled subscription.

Thank you very much! I received your email.

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Wow, so is the only way to cancel renewal of one’s subscription through this forum post? Either way, I would like to cancel my upcoming auto-renewal, thanks.

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@iliastsangaris I took care of it for you.

@zoran I would like to cancel my auto-payments and membership I thought I had cancelled last year after the charge. I had not received any emails since last year’s statement. I would appreciate if I could be refunded as I have not used this app/site in well over a year.

@Lobo9806 Sure, I took care of it for you.

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Hi Zoran, could you please cancel the auto-renewal of my subscription? As far as I know, I already cancelled it a few months ago, but now can’t find the cancel button anymore. Thanks!

@Ching4Chang Your membership is canceled and set to expire on Mar 27, 2024.

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