How to begin tutoring

I am Russian and I want to begin tutoring! =)
I love to learn languages and, frankly, I’d love to help people in learning my language. I just don’t know how to start…
Do you need to be a professional linguist to teach and to be a tutor?
I don’t think that to learn language you need to learn grammar by book, it is possible to learn a language just by reading, listenning and watching stuff, I am sure. Just like that I am learning Italian and already can talk with mistakes but being understood and can understand almost everithing that I hear.
So, tutors, please tell me, is it possible to begin just like I am or I need to gain some knowledge in my language teaching?
What do you do to make your language teaching succsessful and desired by learners?

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Hi wisedashD,
Our teaching is open to anyone. You can teach any of the languages available on the site. You just have to choose your teaching languages (Exchange requests and Conversation requests language) on the Settings page, Notifications tab (Login - LingQ).
If you want to host conversations, you should input available conversation time in your calendar. You can start creating some conversations now by going to Teach page (Exchange > Teach) on LingQ and clicking on “Add/Edit Conversations” on the right hand side.
If you want to correct writing or provide other Exchange services, you should go to the Exchange and look for requests to respond to. Part of being a successful tutor also involves creating lessons or being active on the Ask a tutor forum so that learners start to learn who you are.
Click here to learn more about tutoring on LingQ: Tutoring Help
Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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Thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, I have one more question: How can I make my lesson public?
I set provider - non, click to make it public and…
There is always this error…

An error has occurred while processing your request. Depending on the type of error, it may be automatically logged and reviewed by our team so please retry your request in a few minutes. If you are still getting this error message after a few minutes, please email us at

No problem, I am glad to help anytime!
I’ve just tried to share a few lesson and it works fine for me. Are you able to save the lesson as private first? Do you get error message only when you try to make it public?

Yes, just when I try to make it public…
I can use it personally in private mode.

If you are still unable to share your lessons please contact us on support(at) and we’ll help you. Thanks!