How To Be a Good Forum Member

If I provide some biographical information, will my e-mail remain private?

How do people make friends?

If you go to Edit my Profile you will see that you can determine who you want to see your email address and other contact information. This is not affected by your bio. I look forward to reading your bio.

If you go into Edit Profile, you can choose your privacy settings. Unless you’ve decided to withhold your e-mail completely, friends can see it. If you want to choose somebody as a friend, you search for likely candidates under “Friends” and then you click on their profile picture (well, sometimes it’s just an outline) and and once you see their written profile you click Add to Friends. The person then gets an e-mail alerting them that you have added them to your list of friends. It’s then up to the “chosen one” to respond or not. Have fun!

Thanks to both of you. I commented on the outline in my bio.