How to attract more people to your events

Let’s talk about how to attract more people to discussion events. I think there are a number of things we can do. I look forward to your ideas.

  1. Create interesting discussion topics. Generally we should have more discussion events than one on one events. These seem to attract more members. They also look better on our site.

Please feel free to copy each others ideas. I see that our new tutor Serge has a couple of interesting subjects in French. One is to ask our learner to talk about where they live and to persuade Serge to visit their area. Another of his subjects is to ask people to describe their personalities. These are excellent subjects that anyone can talk about, and probably most people would find interesting.

  1. We want to have more tutors, even though our present discussions are not full. Our events area is like a store. The more goods on display the more people will consume. More tutors will eventually mean more participation for everyone.

Let me know your ideas.

We find that for all languages other than English, more beginner content is taken than advanced content.

It might be worth while trying to do the following for beginners.

  1. Select the beginner content of your choice from the Library.
  2. Choose a title for your discussion that relates to that beginner content.
  3. Set up 30 minute discussions so that no more than 2 people can sign up.
  4. Describe your discussion in English with just a word of greeting in the language you are teaching.
  5. Ask people to come to the discussion with 10 words or phrases that they have saved and which they would like discussed.

I await your comments.

I hadn’t realised you could set up 30 minute discussions! There are some time slots that I could make available for 30minutes that I can’t make available for 1 hour (because I need to leave the house at 5 to 3 to pick the kids up). I will check that out. :slight_smile:

Mark, I set up a new course but I don’t know how to show available sessions. I set up some available time on calendar, but I do not see them showing up under my course. Please help. Thanks.

Oops, my question above was addressed to Steve not Mark. - Shaw Ying (Xiaoying)

You can’t see your own 1 on 1 times in the system. Just trust that the time you’ve input in your schedule is appearing in your course. :slight_smile: I can see your times just fine by the way.