How to allow more than one language in suggested word meanings?

Hello fellow LingQ-Users,

so far I have not been able to figure out how to display both english and german suggested meanings.
My native language is german, and the standard display language has been set to german from the get go according to that.
I have set english as an additional language for dictionaries but this does not seem to transfer into the community meanings.
I would be glad to hear how to change it.

In french this poses no problem, but in latin, where the community meanings are far more sparse,
with the second german option on the list often not having much more than 1 sole person using it,
it would be quite a requirement for decent usability,
seeing that I am kind of weary from checking 3 different dictionaries each time, because of the confusion from all the differing, and sometimes nebulously originated translations.

Thank you for reading, and even more thanks for learning languages :slight_smile:


this would be an amazing feature indeed. i did not believe it was possible on the app

You mean in the popular meanings chosen by the users?

You can display only 1 at a time. Then you click on your flag and change the language to display popular meanings in other languages. See screenshot below.


Thank you very much.
I would love the possibility of a joint list nonetheless, but this suffices.


The trouble is, that frequent alternation between different languages is quite bothersome. As a consequence, there is a strong disincentive to add translations/meanings to languages other than English.

One might think that LingQ should benefit from users adding translations in various languages. However, this does not seem to be considered a high priority by the LingQ team.

A simple improvement would be a keyboard shortcut to change the language.

Another suggestion for the future: Allow customization per target language, which other languages are used for translations.


exactly. the feature exists but is currently too cumbersome to be remotely practical, at least in my experience. seeing the most common translations across any of the preselected languages would really be an amazing feature, and you’d think a higher priority one given the nature of this community and ‘stacking’ as such a widely advocated practice both to save time and solidify another target language at a different stage of progress


@B.Oliver: I have added thousands of translations in my own language. I wouldn’t definitely like to see the popular meanings to be cluttered with dozens of nonsense translations, often wrong too. I prefer to add mine anyway. And I can have dictionaries in different languages as well, which I do, in the case I need them.

But now I’ve found my own best dictionaries and workflow, so there is no really need for that. Imho. But any more option is always appreciated.


I will always advocate the possibility of customization.

(Further down the line I ramble on about how easy I belief it to be, and how little time it would take in my estimation)

Yes, this will demand some work on the technical end, but knowing some rudiments of what it would take to change the feature I am certain that someone acquainted with programming, not even have “mastered the art”, could change it almost certainly in less than an hour, and that is an estimate on the almost unreasonably long end, involving over 20 minutes of just pondering about how to do it.

Depending on how it is coded it could take literal minutes to make an optional mumbo-jumbo mixed list (Tho a customizable one is much preferable).
An added shortcut is also the matter of about a line of code, and maybe one or two more for the interface graphic.

At the moment, the way @davideroccato explained it is the only way to go. We’ll see what improvements we can make there in the future. Appreciate all of your feedbacks!