How to add words in their base forms, or edit the words before adding to the vocabulary?

When you click on a word, it often happens to be a derivative form, not its basic one.

If you clicked on a word “apples”, you’d unlikely do that for adding “apples” into the dictionary. Obviously, you want to have it as “apple”. The same is true for “playing” (play), “bigger” (big).

My question is:

  1. How do I add the initial form of a word instead of its plural form / gerund / anything else?
  2. And if the first is impossible, how do I quickly edit the word before adding, so that it won’t go to my vocabulary in the first place as “apples”, but I edit it beforehand, so it’s going to be “apple”? Now I can see that I can only edit translations of words.

At the moment, you can’t really change word form in a lesson, since it’s not possible to edit selected word in a lesson.
If you want to save the initial form, you will need to import it manually on the Vocabulary tab.