How to add friends?

How to add griends on their profile???
Thank you

Hi there!

To add someone as a friend, just visit their profile and click on the “Add to friends” link that appears right below their profile image.

Thank you guys. I needed that :slight_smile:

How do you search for a specific profile? I have a friend who joined and I’m not sure how to find her to add her.

Try clicking on “Friends” in the upper left hand page, then click “add friends” on the right (should be blue). Then in the upper right hand corner should be “search” with a blank field. Maybe try that? I hope I helped…

: /

I did find her. Thanks. I was not capitalizing the first letter of her ID.

still don’t get it
more specific instructions plz

Hi Ichen,
Just click on username of person you want to add to friends and on their profile you will see “Follow” button on the top left, below their profile image.