How the new bookmarklet helps me. A confession!

I am often reluctant to read Forum comments in languages other than English because I am lazy. Now I just highlight them and click on my new LingQ bookmarklet and study them as a lesson.

I confess that I prefer to read foreign language content in the LingQ lesson format so that I can capture any new words. I feel more comfortable doing so.

I just finished reading a Japanese post that I might otherwise have let go by.

Go to the Import page and give it a try.

Yes, the new import bookmarklet is great! I have just tried several news article on CBS website. I like it.
Thank you for the great job!

Another confession.

I don’t like studying English so much, except enjoying a conversation with my tutors and other LingQers. However, the new bookmarklet helps me read a lot of English contents online more easily than ever before. Another wonderful point about the new bookmarklet is that you can save the words you come across online instantly, which I think is the most important part of language learning.

I cannot excuse myself for not studying hard any more…

I am using the bookmarklet the same way as Steve. I have to say it does give me the support I need to actually read Japanese forum posts more often. It really is great that way.

Just want to ask if there is a way to get it to open in a new tab or new window? I am importing one post at a time and I would be great to return to the original thread more easily.

This is a really insignificant issue. I really enjoy it as is.

I would like to be able to choose the collection where the imported text should be inserted. I have used the bookmarklet to import newspaper articles I have already a collection for.

Not a confession but a happy comment:I used it for my first Spanish import originating from a link within Twitter. It was magical to see it work within the blink of an eye. It’s great. It’s wonderful.

@dooo - I’m not sure if that’s possible but we will look into it.
@ mikebond - the quick imports have to go in a specific collection however if you want your other lessons in the same collection you can move those other lessons into the quick imports collection.

Eventually, some time in the future, I am hoping we will be able to better manage the content in our Lessons area and file these items. I often find interesting articles that I would not only likely to use to study my languages, but that I would like to refer to again.

Some day, some day. I also agree with dooo that what he suggests would be nice.

Meanwhile I am just delighted with the bookmarklet.

I am now working for a Russian language school, and most of the information for teachers and students is on their website in Russian. I am importing it into LingQ and sloooowly working out what it says. Shouldn’t take me more than about six months to work out what I am supposed to be doing :wink:

@ Michele: “I would like to be able to choose the collection where the imported text should be inserted.”
If you go to the import section after importing an article to the Quick Imports collection, open the Lesson there, go to the Advanced Settings and click Edit Collection. You should be able to see all of your created collections and you can choose the one your Lesson (article) should go to. I have tried it out, you may have to change the number of the lesson in the collection list (click Change Positions).

If anyone wants a good multilingual news site to use with the bookmarklet thing that has videos that are generally of a manageable length of 30sec to a few minutes long, then you should check out euronews. There are also transcripts for the videos. You can switch the language at the top of the screen and then look through the news stories or you can switch the language while you are looking at a particular story. Here’s an example of a random video in French and in Spanish

@Reinhard: I know I can do so, and I have already done so, but this way is even slower than importing texts manually, I think.