How stop the sound effects?

I’d like to stop the sound effects (ta-daaaaa) when marking the lingqs, but I didn’t find this option in the account settings.

At the top of the lesson page you will find a button called setting. When you press it there will appear a dropdown menu then at the bottom of the dropdown menu there is a button Sound effects on/off. you just click it and the sound should disappear.

I’d like to hijack this question if I may, to suggest that the sound effects should be controllable through account settings.

Every time I log into lingq they switch themselves back on again and it’s bloody irritating. I don’t know if this is because my browser deletes cookies when I close it, or if this happens to everyone but it is annoying.

It’s a little thing for sure, and not a priority, but if you could consider this for future updates I personally would be really grateful.


Thanks for the suggestion @alfissleeping
We’ll keep this in mind.

Please yes. I don’t do cookies as a rule, and the sound effects are killing me.