How should we respond the children (3-10 yrs old) Who beg in the streets or in public transport

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I always dilemma when I should face a child who singing and begging in public transportation or on the streets.
I was sad to see them should be there and begging for some money.
They should sit in class and learn. not on the streets to begging some money.

Honestly, sometimes I took a few coins in my pocket and gave it to that children. just “SOMETIMES” because IF everyone is always giving them money, they would feel comfortable to begging and become lazy to learn and do not want go to the school because she felt more fun begging rather than having studying at school, because without any school they can get money. that’s why sometimes I do not give them money.
But sometimes I think, living in poverty is not their will/choose.
Nobody want to be born as poor. So I give them money and feed.

I am hurt to see this sight. I am very angry with the government in this country.
They never think of the people especially the poor.
They are just busy thinking how to steal the money of this country safely (CORRUPTION).

Not surprisingly, these countries include the most corrupt country in the world. many cases of corruption are not clearly resolved.
All is lost like a swallowed by the earth, and they often bring new cases to cover up the old case so that over time, people forget the old case (ALTHOUGH ACTUALLY NOT FORGET). and always be like that, when there are new cases of corruption,
that’s why people are not afraid to be corruptor because enforcer of law (including police) is also corruptor (can be bribe by money)

My brother / my sister, I wrote on this site is not to aggravate the personal existence of the leaders in this republic.
but to ask the your opinion about this problem.
I hope someday I can establish a foundation to accommodate these children and give them a free education. so they do not have to think about how to get money to pay their school fee. I hope God allow me to make it through.
I would love to read responses from all of you.
May God bless us all.