How should I go about learning Chinese and Korean?

I’m interested in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. I already made a post about Japanese, but I would also like to know how I should learn Chinese and Korean

Search the forum bro, there’s a ton of advice

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You also made a post about Russian. And the strange thing is you keep doing this just as you’ve done for months already. How about actually starting to learn a language?

Once I start a language my interest turns me to another language. This has been going on for a year and I still haven’t picked the language I want to learn

Man, your profile says that you have learned 73 words in 5 different languages in total. That’s not nearly enough to get even a basic feel for how a language works and whether you like it. Stick to a language and learn a few thousand words. Then you will still be a beginner, but you will at least know whether the language is worth working on or not.

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You don’t have some country that you are really attracted to? More than others.

you have to find something that motivates you about a certain language