How often do most of you have a tutor

I was wondering how often do most of you have a tutor in order to advance in your speaking skills? I have been learning french for 3 years now and i can speak in french but i have to think a lot and i am not at conversational level yet or i am somewhat at a beginners level.


I’ve never used a tutor because I see enough Spanish people at work or “around” to Speak with them. However, since I have no friends, I’ve often thought of going the tutor route to talk about other better Topics and really seek to activate my vocabulary. I think I considered this once I hit the 20k word mark and thought about doing it once or twice a week


I meet Russian-speaking people quite regularly and I go to Russia every now and then. Just today I showed some Russian acquaintances around the city., so I haven’t used tutor’s’ services very often. However, I still find it useful to talk with a tutor at some stages of your language learning. I had regular meeting with a Russian tutor for a few months a couple of years ago, when I felt that I needed to work on activating my passive vocabulary.
The decision about when to begin (or end) tutoring is very personal. My advice to you is that if you feel you can speak, even if slowly and with difficulty, and you are interested or curious about French conversation, you should just go and try.
Je vous souhaite du succès

I think once a week is good for getting something in, not getting rusty, and getting some progress. That said, I would think 3-5 hours is a good range where you can get a lot of practice in and make good progress without it taking too much time away from input activities like reading and listening.

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2-3 times a week + friends

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I have just started to have tutor now and I am doing it twice a week but only 30 minutes at a time. But I would like to say that I feel I should do more of it, although if I do it more it would consume a lot of my time (and money) for input so I also don’t know what is the best way to go.

Do you think 3-5 hours a week?

If you want to be making solid and steady progress, that seems like a good number to me. That said, it all depends on how much time you can / want to dedicate to language learning each week. 1 Hour a week I feel like is maintenance / progress but only at a modest rate. Ramping it up to something more comparable to like going to the gym will almost surely lead to some solid progress.

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I sadly have to agree with you. I mean because I don’t think I have enough money for that amount of hours of tutoring per week. But I think you are totally right.

You can always try to find some conversational partners and help them with a language and vice versa. That is always an alternative

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