How much times should I hear the same lesson?

There’s an specific amount recommended?
I know that it’s one of basic principles of The Linguist system but I really can’t do this more than 3 or 4 times.
Instead of this I prefer go to a new content.
(Sorry for the bad english)

I would say listen until it gets boring or you notice it difficult to concentrate. I think it varies from person to person, so do whatever is comfortable for you. 3 or 4 times sounds good :slight_smile:

“Boring” and “difficult to concentrate” are exactly the words. They perfectly fit to my situation when I read 3 or 4 times.
So i will keep going with this pattern,
Thanks a lot for your advice!

Our brains need two things in order to learn, repetition and novelty.

As long as you are struggling to understand some parts, the novelty factor is in play, as well as the repetition of what you already understand. Once you understand more than 70% the novelty is starting wear out and you may want to move on. There are other factors, like whether you enjoy the subject matter, or whether you find the voice pleasing.

When I am starting out in a language, and it all sounds like noise to me, I can listen 20 times. When I advance I tend to listen only twice or three times, and eventually only once. That is combined with reading and LingQing of course.

Good luck Allisson. Um dia vamos falar em portugues o ingles.

I got what you meant, make sense that the number of times you need hear decrease when you become used to one language.
Now that I think about, this actually happened with me.

Thank Steve, and if I get it right: ‘Seria um enorme prazer falar com você qualquer dia desses!’.

after 7 months using the LingQ method I’ve a good idea for you.

Don’t worry about the How much times should you hear the same lesson,Just listen and understand the lesson.
When you have frequent level of difficulty probably you’ll find 90% of the words and phrases from previous lesson.

My secret is listen,understand,review.

for example :

Yesterday I started a new lesson “Active words” but I’m still listening the previous lesson because it’s my way to learn.

you’ll find your way to learn better.

Usually I can listen to one lesson only once or two times. When time passed I can listen familiar lesson once again. Summary should be no more than four times for each lessons.

1043 times.

Thanks for everyone’s responses. By the comments seems that I’m going in the right way.
Just like Steve said, I realized that the subject matter of a lesson makes much difference.
When one of them is about something interesting like an news, or just some content that I like, I can hear it a lot of times until fully understand what is being said.
Maybe my problem is with basic conversations. Now I barely can hear these ones more than one or two times.
My fear is that this way I end up without learn the basic vocabulary which is very necessary in casual conversations.

1043? Oo’

It depends on my ways of learning.

If I just pick up something by listening to some contents such as information, news, etc, I listen to it only once because every day I want to know new things so no need to listen to it again. (For example it is not necessary to listen to the weather report again).

When I want to improve my speaking skill (and want to memorize some useful expressions and sound patterns), I listen to and repeat them again and again. In this case, I try to imitate native speakers’ pronounciations, intonations, elisions, etc. But we must choose a good text.
In my view, the more I imitate exactly what speakers say, the more easily I pick up many weak sounds.
(Note: In Japanese there are no difference between weak souds and strong sounds.)


an example
● We are all encouraged to work smarter and harder.
/wi ər ˈɔːl ɪŋˈkʌrɪdʒd tə ˈwɜːk ˈsmɑːt(ə)r ən ˈhɑːdə/

I feels funny for me, to say that sentence with that IPA transcription. Thanks for the laughs dillemme! (I’m an Australian English speaker with Yiddish influence to my accent)

About focus: people seem to have little of it. Multitasking generally doesn’t work. It’s NOT very efficient, regardless of how much you think it does work. (Scientists have proved many times how that it normally isn’t). Divided attention is weaker attention.

Boredom and focus are very much related. People who get bored very quickly are either suffering two thing: 1. they don’t enjoy/have any interest in what they are doing; 2. are unable to focus on it.

Iaing, hell yeah! :smiley:

In my own experience I keep listening to the same piece of content until I am able to understand about 80% of it…maybe higher depending on how much I like the piece. This level of understanding goes both for reading it and listening to it. I sometimes have listened to something about five times and in the end I can understand it. On the other hand, I have had to listen to some content that took me 50+ times to get to a level of understanding that I was pleased with. It really all depends.