How much time would you dedicate for passive languages?

I have yet to come across any research showing how much time is needed for a language that is more passive to the user…i.e. not actively learning but more maintain/not the focus.
I’m putting german to the side for my case and focusing on spanish. Note, I wouldn’t call it a case of learning two languages at the same time since I’ve spent so much time with german and have hit a small plateau at the moment with learning that I rarely see any new words moreso just learning words I’ve already seen. I want to shift to spanish for now but don’t want to forget my german. How much time do you guys spend per day on these “passive” languages? Any studies on his would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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I think me and you are in a similar situation. My french is in that upper intermediate range. And im become quite bored of French, but I dont want to drop it all together. So what im doing is, trying to get 20-30 minutes a day of listening. And focusing all my real energy on German/Dutch

It depends on your level. I may spend a few years with little to no exposure to some of my languages (French, German, Italian) and I still can communicate in them if the occasion arises. Sometimes I brush up on them before I know I’ll be using them. For example, last time I was to travel to Germany, I spend a few weeks watching videos in German. I had no trouble communicating during the trip. On the other hand, if your grasp of the language is so-so, you can expect to forget most of it after a few months of no study. That happened to my Chinese and my Persian, e.g.
My advice to you(based on your Lingq stats) would be to start learning Spanish on Lingq everyday and then watch German videos at least a few days per week, maybe about half an hour worth of content each time. That’s a very time-efficient schedule but it should keep German fresh in your mind and even help you progress because you’ll get a lot of listening practice, which is the most important skill and will reinforce your vocabulary.

[Edit]: And if you can have a conversation in German once a week or once every two weeks (e.g. through italki), it would be perfect

how much time would you say you spend on German/Dutch per day then?

I try to spend at least an hour a day on spanish and then just enough german to have a streak with language(maybe like 20 mins). I also only watch netflix in german which, when my spanish is good enough, will I just watch all of netflix in spanish. Youtube is mostly english but only because all the good content is in english and most german youtubers only post videos in english.

I try to shoot for about 2 hours everyday.

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