How much is too much?

I have only been using this site for 10 days and I am totally hooked. I have read almost 100 000 Dutch words , I read everything I find even mildly interesting, some things I read / listen to twice or three times. I am in no rush to learn Dutch, but I am having the best fun reading. Am I maybe overdoing it a little. I am nervous that, after reading all that I still can’t make a full sentence without having to think really had about what I am trying to say, but again, no rush.


I think you’re doing fine. No such thing as overdoing it as far as reading and listening are concerned, as it’s the best way for your brain to pick up on words and phrases. The usual limits apply - e.g. probably best to stop when you’re tired.

As long as you’re following the general thread of what it is you’re reading, I think it will work. Supposedly, language acquisition works best when you know 80-90% of what you’re reading, but I’ve found that it still works when you know less, as long as you’re following the gist of what you’re reading.


Whether or not comprehensible input is the most universally effective method, I recommend at least pressing into its primary benefit–internal justification of time spent (err… wasted). :wink: