How much do you spend? How much hours should you study?

Hey guys! :slight_smile: I’m fairly new to the site… hehe I know it depends on each person but I was just wondering on average how much do you guys usually pay to learn a language? And about how many hours do you study weekly? Thanks for helping guys

I usually spend two hours a day reading, listening and learning some grammars in English.
Most of the materials I use are found on the internet for free.

It is very difficult for me to calculate the amount of time the study would take. Here is a reason. When enjoying learning languages, I don’t know how much I spend. I must say that I learn when I have time…
Generally speaking, we calculate the amount of time while learning is boring.

I personally don’t pay anything, since I use mostly free materials. I do have grammars and textbooks, though, that I bought. But I don’t usually pay for tutoring or classes.

As for time spent every day, I try to do something in my target languages for least one hour every day.

I don’t pay more than the occasional books I buy. The time spent each day can vary from zero minutes up to an hour or two.

‘should’ and ‘could’ - that’s unfortunately a big difference!
I wish I spent 2-3 hours for my foreign languages.
But actually I spend for all my languages about one hour a day.
It’s maybe good for one language, but for 4 languages it’s too little.
But as a teacher I know that it’s better 15 minutes on daily basis that 2 hours once a week.

Two to three hours a day is a good amount for one language, it means you see steady, regular progress.

I3I2 Yan - I find it amazing you are from Guam. I have never met anyone from there. How interesting! Which language are you studying?

Probably I spent 2 hours a day on working days and quite a bit more at weekends and on holidays on German. I also try to keep up with my Spanish and a little bit of Greek and am dabbling in Danish. Not to mention Amharic, which I find such a struggle at the moment that I do not do nearly enough. I think any language needs at least an hour a day most days to make good progress.