How much audio do you like to download?

Hi, I’ve been downloading audio but would like to know, how much do you liike to download? Do you download every lesson, or only a few?

I tend to download every lesson when I am a Beginner in a language, the better I get at understanding, the less I download. My MP3 player, nevertheless, has a respectable 1228 items in seven languages on it (some items uploaded, rather than downloaded).

I download every lesson since it’s easiest for me to find time to listen so I make sure to add all my lessons to my ipod. Finding the time to read and create LingQs is tougher so this maximizes my available time.

I also download every lesson. I usually listen before I read and LingQ.

I forgot to mention that I read and listen online to the more advanced material, but do not necessarily download it.

I download every lesson because I consider listening on the go my major activity. If it is unfamiliar material, I may be able to zone in on only unrelated scraps of intelligble language. This mental experience is tolerable if I think of it as another mode of flashcarding. As I LingQ and review actual flashcards, this listening-as-flashcarding experience is replaced with more global impressions of the language, ie more native like listening.

Without making it a rule, I listen many times to new material, even without understanding much. When I then read and LingQ, I can almost hear the recording in my head, without using the audio. It is a neat experience.

I amwith dooo. I feel the listening, and especially repetitive listening to difficult material, gives me a head start and some momentum for the reading, and increases my motivation to create LingQs for the words that I did not get.

I am finding listening lots of times improves my comprehension of the text and my accent is becoming more “authentic”.