How many times listened/read

I am liking the new look site however just a quick question. There used to be a button to press to say how many times I’d listened to or read an individual exercise and this then automatically updated my statistics and also I could see at a glance how many times I’d worked on a piece. Is this function still here? Sorry if it’s been asked before or I’m just not looking in the right place!


Hi Lily,

This functionality is well hidden :slight_smile: I searched it too some time ago.

Click on the right green symbol that you can find on top of the page.

Sorry, the LEFT green symbol!

Hi Vera
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I was searching everywhere. In fact, just for anyone else reading this thread, I found it by clicking on the far left RED symbol - laughs . But I am glad to see it is still there :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, we would like people to click on those task icons more. Obviously, they do not look enough like buttons and people miss them. What do they look like? What do you think they are? Should the popups for the tasks open in another way? For instance, by hovering over the task icons. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I generally only use the left one to update the statistics there, altough I often forget it, and to download. I take it that it represents an MP3 player. On the other hand the actual download button a bit further down looks a bit like a loudspeaker. At first I thought one could regulate the volume there…(could this button and the printer icon be a bit more defined? They are difficult to see.) I don’t use the other task icons, for booking conversations etc I prefer to click the respective words on the top row.
Seeing their purpose while hovering over the task icons might make them more appealing - as it is, they are, for me unnecessary, additional icons.

I have no problem seeing what the icons look like (mp3 player, flashcards, pen+paper, headset) and what activities they represent. However, I can imagine that people are somewhat used to tooltips. Maybe it would be cool if the popups open by hovering over icons. I’m happy the way it is right now.

I agree with Sanne.
I think the old version where I have the two options (reading, listening) on the right site was more obvious. And to be honest I found the 5 steps great! 5 steps are understandable. It is logical what you should do if there were steps.

Thanks for the input. We still have 4 steps which is what these task icons are meant to represent. We will think about how best to make that clearer to people. I should think a rollover popup for sure will be more obvious and another possibility is combining all 4 popups into one popup which opens when you hover on any of the 4 tasks for that lesson with the 4 steps more clearly identified.

On the lesson page, when we mouse over the print icon, the name “Print Lesson” of this icon appears. Even if the audio icon doesn’t fit the meaning of downloading files (grin), we can see the explanation “Download Audio”, when we mouse over it.

When we mouse over “MP3 player icon”, how about showing the brief explanation or name of it? One of my LingQ friends didn’t notice that this is a icon for automatic counting for reading and listening. Even now, many of LingQ users don’t use (or know) this convenient function. I was one of them. In these months, I’m a listening and reading addict with this function. I don’t use the third and forth step icons, though.

When in doubt, try one of the icons. I really can’t see why people are still looking for the time adjustment arrows when it’s only a matter of seconds, intuitive or not…

Two general suggestions:
1 Read the instructions (if any)
2 Use your imagination (for me, it usually works wonders)

Hi Jeff,
The help has not the same version. You cannot find it.
The main problem is not that experienced user cannot find out how it works. The problem is that new users (and a lot of ‘old’ users) didn’t figured out how it works. And that is the moment when you have to think about software design. At work I have often contact with less experienced people. You should make it as easy as possible. If you don’t do this a lot of people will leave LingQ, or never get knowledge of the great functionality. LingQ needs more members to survey, that is a fact.

Re: what to the icons look like…
The headphones to me represent listening to audio (so I was surpised it meant speaking), The writing button does make you think writing. I didn’t know what the other two were. I did click on them during my search for altering the time listened/read function but nothing happened when I clicked on them the first time. I get this sometimes with java script.

I’m thinking a pop up like on the question mark by new words would be perfect so everyone knows :slight_smile: