How many times have you read and listen one lesson?

How many times have you read and listen one lesson? until you don’t understand the lesson you don’t start a new lesson?
I am just curious :slight_smile:

only you know! that has not a rule!
some lesson I listen once… other twice… other 10 times or more!
if i like i listen many times…
if the sound it is not great for me… i just go ahead :slight_smile:


yeah I have some cases when I have to listen just twice because I knew those words. and in some cases I have to listen more times :slight_smile: I just was curious how use other people :slight_smile:

If i know most of it, i’ll only listen a few times. If it’s a totally new language, or a difficult text, I might listen hundreds of times on repeat throughout the day.

Many lessons I have listened to 100 or more times.

It depends. Lessons I have loved, I have played many times. The rest of them I go through once or twice.

I listen while glancing at the text, then repeat often enough until I can follow and understand without needing the text. Typically this will take me 5 or 6 times. If the speaker is talking fast, more than 10 times.

For me personally, the difficulty is recognising words that are naturally truncated, abbreviated or slurred which of course happens in colloquial conversation, even though I know those words perfectly well when annunciated.

It’s interesting, when looking at the text, your brain hears these slurred words perfectly clearly, but when you look away they revert to sounding like “uuuhhh” again!

I listen to the lesson about 20 times or more depends on my mood and my attention span.