How many points do you get for sharing lessons?

How many points do you get for sharing lessons?

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THe titles says it All. How many points do you get for sharing lessons? How does it work? IS there a link that explains this anywhere. Ive tried looking in the help section and under the points link but theres no mention about sharing lessons = points. Would it be possible to clarify this in the points page?

As far as i Know you cant gain points from sharing lessons . but why isnt there any info about it anywhere?

I’ve shared 2 lessons on lingq that my wife recorded in korean. I know a least a few people have studied it, I’m just wondering If i should or shouldnt be getting points for them and how much ? Is there a way to know the stats on lessons you do share and how many points you should expect ?? Might be good for lesson sharers to be able to have stats on their lessons and points.

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  • As far as i know you CAN gain points for sharing lessons.

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The points are distributed at the end of the months based on usage. The Bear story has been studied by 100 people, and the Pink Bike by 70. Interestingly the easy content is the most popular. The Who is She series is around 300 per episode.

There are a lot of things we should have at LingQ, including a report on item usage. Eventually we will get all these things done. Please be patient.

So as for my questions about points? WHat does it translate to?
1 person studying 1 lesson = how many points?

Soo if the bear sotry been studied by 100 people and pink bike 70 Shouldnt I have been awarded the points at the end of july or not until the end of august? Just wondering. I dont need points or anything, I’m just really curious and confused as to how everything works/ is calculated and when to expect points. I have no clue how it works. I tried looking around the forums and help files but couldnt find the answers about this specifically. I could only find info about the other methods to get points.

No worries , I completely understand that lingq is a work in progress. I only put up comments because i want to see lingq improve ( even if you already know about the issues.) I’m in no hurry…



There is no fixed amount of points per person studying a lesson. It depends on a two factors;

How many unused member points are available to redistribute.
How many other items are used and how often.

So on a pro rata basis, depending on usage, and based on the available confiscated points, you will receive your points at some point.

I am not sure when and how the calculation is done, perhaps Mark can fill in more details.

We do publish our list of top providers every month. Note that the lessons are all available free of charge to anyone.

“All things come to those who wait.”

Doo, Thanks. I must have overlooked that small part. THANKS. That was very helpfull.

Steve. thanks for answering… Again, I’m in no hurry for anything. I dont even need the points. I was just curious because i tried looking around for the info but couldnt find it! Maybe adding your explaination ( or that explanation from Doo’s link ) to the points page would clarify things for others who coulndt find this info aswell? I was actually searching the forum and the faq page for at least an hour before i decided to give up looking for the info ( this was a few weeks ago). SO I decided to ask the questions on the forum directly hoping someone could answer and you both have. thanks.

By the way, keroro, if you go to the Import section you can click on your contents to see the usage number.

Thanks steve,

I didnt even notice those stats there. THats exactly what I wanted to see. THanks! EVeryday i find out something new in lingq!