How many languages with one subscription?

I’m currently still using the free version of LingQ, for Russian and Latin.
Assuming I take an annual subscription: do I have to pay an extra €107.88 for each language, or do I have access to both languages (or possibly all of them) with the €107.88?

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The premium subscription is for all languages. I gather that there are lifetime subscriptions that you can get for a specific language, but the yearly subscription is for all of them. And good thing it is, because jumping around from language to language “on the side” is a huge part of keeping me motivated enough to pursue whatever is main study at any one time :smiley:


I pay by the month ($13) and for that I get all languages. I can do my Turkish every day, and play with a bunch of other languages for free. I have realistic samples (written, spoken and meaning) of dozens of languages, in their mini-stories.

With a Premium account, you get Premium access to all languages we offer. You can change your language of study using the language switch at the top right.