How many items do you have active in your WorkDesk?

Leosmith asked about the need to keep more than 5 items active. I am a premium member and am allowed to keep 1000 items active. I have over 500 items active just one language alone, Russian. I often add online content I find, or ebooks for which I have bought the audio book. I will usually add quite a few chapters at a time, when I find them, and then go back later to study them.
I also find that in reading a book, I will cover a few chapters in WorkDesk, then go away and listen, and then move on before I have mastered these first items. I will go back and do them again later. So I like to keep them all open for convenient review whenever I want.
It is, of course, possible to operate with only 5 items, but I would find it a lot less convenient.
What do others here do?

By the way we will be making the navigation in the store and WorkDesk much more convenient. It is one of the things we are working on.


We think that over time most people will remain free members. Some will migrate to Basic in order to keep more items in their WorkDesk and to use tutors from time to time.

Most people who really want to improve should give Plus or Premium a try. This level puts more pressure on you to study as well as giving you more Tutor interaction. The net result is more language progress. This is especially good if someone else (employer etc. is paying!!) Decisions abouat the level of membership will vary from person to person and we will be watching to see what happens.

Our goal is to provide a service that is very good value for money for those who pay, while remaining enjoyable and effective even for those who do not. In this way we can help a lot of people, and people will talk about us. We have lots of improvements panned.

I believe that LingQ, even the free service, can help people with literacy problems in their native language. This is a major problem in the world.

We see all kinds of applications. We are just at the beginning.

Thanks for your kind words.

I’m a paying member, though I generally keep no more than three or four items active for French at a time. By now, I’m at the stage where an item is around 15-20 minutes long. Having the added space is good if I feel like working on another language, which I may do from time to time.


Does that mean that you archive items as soon as you have completed them? I find that I need to go back to my updated items again to review them.

I am a free member and am planning to remain this membership level. I have three items on my workdesk right now. I used to keep a lot of items on the workdesk. I sometimes reviewed what I have studied, but most of the time I reviewed them only once in a very long time. I had too much items that need to be reviewed. Five items work just fine to me because I am able to know when to review what when I can’t add more items.

Let me add one more thing. I can go get the item from the store when I want to review my work after I delete it.

Steve, I only really archive a file once I have learned the vocabulary for that item and can understand at least 95% of it. I guess you could say I have a kind of “viral” approach to studying, where I focus on a limited number of items, squeezing out as much of them as I can before moving on to the next lot and repeating the same. Any further review I need can be done listening away from the PC or browsing through iTunes.

I tend to encounter a lot of previous words again in later content items, which is always good and I also do vocabulary flash card reviews to retain passive knowledge of words I haven’t seen in a while. In fact, I’m planning to do a mass review of all my vocab (some 40 odd pages) when I go on holiday in a couple of months.

Our first goal is to make LingQ so easy and enjoyable to use that many people will use it.

We have quite a lot of work to do yet in terms of improving navigability, help, translations and speeding up and improving certain functions, and in terms of creating a fun community.

We hope that people who like LingQ will tell their friends. We also have to make it easier for people to tell their friends. That is all coming.

It has been our experience that people who commit to working with a tutor make more obvious progress in their language studies. We think that members who buy points, or commit to a Plus or Premium level will end up working harder to use their points in writing and speaking. They will also want to impress their tutors and fellow participants in discussions. They will feel a greater sense of responsibility and as a result they they will spend more time studying and achieve better. This is not always the case, but often.

But our first goal is to make sure people understand what to do , and enjoy doing it. We are not yet fully satisfied with our product, but we are working hard to improve.

We really appreciate the contribution of certain members with content. Our Store is growing in all languages. Emma, if you have chance to create some easy Japanese content that would be greatly appreciated.


A big hug from me for your excellent content in the Japanese store. I do not know when you put it in, but I just noticed it. 大変宜しい、面白内容です.録音の品質も上品です.ありがとう。

The limit of 5 items is often a burden to me, since I like to have a lot of items in my mp3 player. I listen to them some times, read the items, extract and study vocabulary and then I listen again some times. Since most items are too short, it’s hard to keep an entire hour of distinct audios.
I intend to upgrade my membership soon, so I can buy some points and have more space. But I’m not sure about how the tutoring works, so I don’t feel like to go to plus or premium memberships.


I think that most people will remain free members, at least for a while. Some will try a month of Basic just to test out the writing and speaking functions. If they enjoy the experience and want to study more intensively they can always upgrade later. (Or downgrade)