How make lingqs out of phrases in 5.0?


Nothing really changed there compared to v 4.0. On the site just highlight a phrase and save it as LingQ. On the app, tap and hold on to a word and the option to highlight and save a phrase will appear.

I think this feature may be buggy as I sometimes get a translation when I highlight some words and sometimes I don’t. Also sometimes when I copy text out of a lesson I have imported, it copies exactly and sometime it eliminates all the spaces between words. Can this be fixed, please?

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It does seem very buggy. Very often the highlighting for the phrase disappears entirely. This would sometimes happen on 4.0 if you had a Lingq’d (and highlighted) word within the phrase. However it would “toggle” between the phrase and word. This no longer doing this. The only way to see an “invisible” phrase is to manually highlight it again and then you see what level you’re at with that phrase.


Thanks, I’ll look into it.