How long should you study one part of a lesson, and what is the best way to go about it?

So, I am studying German right now, and currently doing “Who is She?”. I am on part 13 now, and find that I understand most of what I read in the series (so far). But how fast should I do a lesson? Right now I have been jumping to the next one when I understand 60-100% of the text I read. I LingQ every word that I do not know and grade them on how well I recognize them and understand them after seeing them more and more as I go deeper in to the series. I do not really use the flashcards, only read (and listen, which although I feel I have to do a lot more than I am).

Any insights would be of help! And sorry if a thread like this already exists.



Somewhere around 80% seems OK, unless you’re obsessed by knowing everything inside-out, being able to recite it from memory etc. The lessons are short enough so it almost doesn’t feel like studying. If the vocabulary is fairly common, it will appear in other lessons as well. Nobody is stopping you from reviewing flash cards over and over again, from listening to the same audio and so on. I’ve gone back to this “Who is she?” (and “Eating out”) now and then as a refresher.