How long should it take to be able to read and listen to a decent French starting from scratch? ( 2 hours study a day )

Hi everybody

I have just started learning French today and my goal is to only be able to read and listen, nor to speak neither to write, and I would like to know how long should that take until l I can read and listen comfortably in the language? ( I study 2 hours a day ).

If you think any other method can help with Lingq, mention it please

Thank you very much guys!

I have been studying French for a year now (one hour a day) and I would say that I can now more or less read and understand at B2 level.


  • 1 Hour of using Lingq per day
  • Working in a French speaking environment

In this sense I am able to follow dialogue like this:

While still having difficulty with C1 and C2 material

I hope to be at a solid C1 after year 2.

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Are you able to follow with listening, or only through scripture?

Thank you. I would like to know about your German too, please!

At 20,000 words, I’m just now started to upload novels to Lingq and can follow along pretty easily. Of course, there are a ton of words that I don’t know, but Lingq makes it really easy to keep going and boost my vocabulary.

I don’t really do much listening on Lingq as I mostly just listen to the news and watch YouTube and TV, but as my vocabulary from reading has improved I’ve seen the listening comprehension really improve too. Just stay consistent each day with the 1-2 hours and I’m sure it won’t take longer than a few months/year to read and listen pretty well.

I’m sure it won’t take longer than a few months/year to read and listen pretty well.
Do you mean few months to one year or few years :)?

And by the way how long have you been learning French since scratch?

Sorry, yes a few months to one year should do it, especially if you are consistent with 2 hours a day. :smiley:

I took French throughout school as a teenager, but that doesn’t really count because I didn’t learn (or at least retain) anything from it! When I started Lingq last year I had a very very basic grasp on how the words were pronounced and a little vocabulary, but not much more than that. So you could definitely get your level to a good listening and reading level in a short time if you just work at it each day. The French language has a lot of great authors and history. You will love it!!

I am sorry to ask all these questions, but I am quiet interested!

Do you mean you started studying French in 2016?
Did you use anything else other than Lingq?

Cyprien!!! Keep going it’s worth it just to understand his hilarious videos!

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Totally agree, I love French youtubers like Cyprien, Norman and a ton others. Lots of good stuff to be found there, you also get introduced to a lot of slang.

I started using Lingq in 2016 and most of my French knowledge comes from using it. I find books and stuff that are interesting online and import them into Lingq. It’s a great tool and makes reading so much easier.

I impose taxes for visitors here Sir.
The tax is telling us a little bit about your journey of learning Spanish, Russian and Italian.
When did you start each and are you comfortable in reading and listening skills?


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Steve has a video out there about how long to a conversational level. He said that with 1.5 hours per day, starting from scratch in English (rather than other Romance language) it would take 1-2 years.

in terms of days? About 350